EVO - X Steering Rack Depower Service.


EVO - X Steering Rack Depower Service.

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Same service I have been offering to the DSM community for years, now being offered to the EVO X community. Solid bushings are not included with standard service purchase.

This service is for you guys who have deleted your power steering and are looking to ease things up a bit on your "street or track car". 

If you've deleted your Power steering due to your turbo setup or you simply wanted a cleaner more simplified looking engine bay and can't stand how hard the car is to steer now.. this service is for you! 

  • Increased steering response over a (non - Depowered Rack)

  • increased road to driver feedback

  • Steering ease increased ( turning wheels while sitting still are now easier, as-well as being able to steer with one hand)

  • perfect if you road race!


Please keep in mind (steering wheel size & tire size and type will promote different results) 

 Service includes -

  • tig welded pinion shaft

  • Alls inner seals are removed

  • Polished Rack

  • complete cleaning

  • holes are welded shut

  • grease fitting installed

  • High moly grease is used

  • Preload of the rack and pinion are set to my specific specs.

    Bushings are made in house out of 6061 aluminum. These replace the factory rubber bushings so you get a 100% solidly mounted steering box. This of course will transfer more road feedback through to the steering wheel.

    service requires that you ship your steering rack in to be serviced or Bring your car to my shop here in Newton - NH so that I can perform this service. Labor charges are applied if you bring your car in for service.

    * Turn around time - 1-3.5 weeks*  Shipping charges will be billed upon completion

    Bushings can be purchased separately if interested. Please send me a Email Inquiry and I will send an invoice to process the order.

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