We have experience with the following metals - aluminum, stainless, mild steel and titanium.

  • Tig 
  • Mig

Custom Parts

We specialize in building one-off pieces that will set your project apart from the rest! 

A few things we can do for you. 

  • Catch Can's
  • Coolant over flow Tank's 
  • Combo tanks ( catch can + overflow) 
  • Fuel Cell's
  • Mounts 
  • Intake & Exhaust manifolds 
  • Intake piping 
  • Exhaust systems
  • Oil pan's 

  And More!

Turbo Kits

We can custom make you anything to suit your projects needs. 

  • Pipe or Tubed Exhaust Manifold's
  • Intercoolers using only the best cores on the market! 
  • Intercooler piping ( aluminum, stainless, Titanium) 
  • Exhaust parts ( Stainless or Titanium) 
  • Single, Twin, Compound & sequential Turbo setups 

Tubing Work

We are capable of making the following items:

  • Roll Cages

  • Tubed front-ends
  • Tubed subframes
  • Control arms 
  • bumpers 
  • tubed chassis replacement

Performance installs & Maintenance

  • Turbo installs 
  • Clutch and Transmission servicing 
  • Engine Servicing & building
  • Gauge installs 
  • Brake servicing 
  • Coilover and other suspension work
  • complete fuel system instalation 

And much more!

Pie cut work 

Some projects require a very tight radius or long radius bend where Mandrel bent tubing just won't work. We cut all pie cuts in house so we can meet the needs for each special project.  We offer pie cut work in the following materials : Stainless, Aluminum and Titanium. 

  • Exhaust hot parts
  • Intercooler tubing 



MotorSports chassis stiffening

If you are trying to minimize chassis flex then this is for you! 

  • Seam stitch welding 
  • Chassis Bracing 
  • fender braces
  • Strut tower bracing 
  • Wing bracing 

And More!



  • Race spec - Mil-spec wiring harnesses  ( race cars only) 
  • stand-alone EMS installs
  • Digital Gauge cluster installation 
  • HID Install's 
  • Fuel pump rewire service 




We offer porting services for the following items:

  •  intake manifolds
  •  cylinder heads 
  •  turbine housings 
  •  compressor covers